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  • RF passive device overview
    RF passive devices are divided into three categories: power distribution devices, microwave resonant devices, and connec...
    2018-04-25 More >>
  • Electromagnetic wave band division and typical application fields
    Today, one of the most important constraints affecting the development of electronic communication systems is non-renewa...
    2018-04-23 More >>
  • Microwave sensor working principle and advantages
    What is microwave induction? Microwave induction: also called radar sensor, is using the doppler effect, moving people ...
    2017-12-22 More >>
  • Days of the king of the sword of the outdoor training camp
    The day of the days of King of the sword of outdoor training camp by the Shenzhen City days Music Communication Technolo...
    2017-10-27 More >>
  • RF low noise amplifier circuit
    RF refers to with a certain wavelength for electromagnetic wave radio communication. The high frequency circuit used to ...
    2017-09-18 More >>
  • China Mobile got 130M TD-LTE spectrum
    China Mobile got 130M TD-LTE spectrum In this seminar, China Radio Authority Director Xie Feibo gave out a detailed i...
    2017-09-18 More >>