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How to choose a good bnc connector


BNC connector as a device and equipment BNC connector, whether it is made of copper or zinc alloy, the appearance of the important components, in the monitoring project, the amount of a large, a 16-in 32-out distributor has 48 BNC maters, There are hundreds of BNC maters in a large array, and a large monitoring project uses thousands of BNC connectors. 1% of defective products will cause more than 10 faults, and large engineering uses poor quality BNC connectors. After-sales service will be very troublesome, its quality directly affects the effect of the project but it is easily overlooked. BNC connector failure is usually good or bad. In the monitoring project, the common fault is that sometimes there are images and sometimes no image, or Unexplained images, degraded image quality, etc., even some strange faults or problems after a period of time, taking up a lot of time for engineers to troubleshoot.

The BNC RF connector is a data transmission interface for many multimedia products and is widely used.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, there have been many different choices in the selection of bnc connector materials. Usually a good bnc connector, on the metal material requirements, is to have good conductivity, copper is the most conductive metal. However, because the price of copper itself is relatively high, the use of pure copper is now relatively rare.

In addition, the copper itself is easily oxidized, which is not conducive to contact, and it is required to be plated with an oxidation-resistant metal such as zinc, silver or tin.

The better bnc connector on the market today is made of pure copper galvanized or silver metal, with good PVC plastic parts, so that the entire BNC connector reaches a good conductive part.

When the BNC seat is in contact with the BNC female, the BNC connector is seated through the second layer of the male seat and the outer layer of the female, so the second layer of the high quality BNC male is copper, high quality. The outer layer of the female head is copper.

Because the characteristics of copper and zinc alloy are different, the production process is different. Although the appearance of the finished product is almost the same, the processing technology is easy to identify. The copper is easier to process and can be processed by CNC lathe. The zinc alloy is not good. The copper BNC socket is automatically used. There are machining marks on the lathe processing, no zinc alloy

Generally, it is difficult to identify its quality without certain skills. The BNC male is generally easy to purchase by the engineering company. The female seat is usually installed on the equipment and is often easily overlooked.

BNC connector quality:

1, BNC connector through the surface of the product, the coating is bright and delicate, the higher the purity of copper, the brighter, some products are bright outside, but it is iron.

2. Magnet adsorption test. Under normal circumstances, only the bayonet spring and the tail spring are made of ferrous materials; the clamps, pins and sleeves are made of copper, and the other parts are zinc alloy.

3, scrape the surface coating to see the material: through the blade and other sharp tools to scratch the surface of the coating to see the material intuitively, by scratching the wire clip, pin, shield sleeve plating to visually compare the material.

4, in addition to the above methods, you can also prepare a good quality female to try.

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