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Ultra-detailed BNC connector type subdivision


There are many people who know the BNC connector, but it is clear that there are few BNC connector types. For the type of BNC connector, Twinlink engineers will introduce you to the details of the BNC connector in the following. Know what the BNC connector type is.

Knowing the type of BNC connector is very beneficial to the purchaser and can help them better choose the product in future product purchases. The NC connector includes:

BNC-T head for connecting cables in computer network cards and networks;

BNC barrel connector for connecting two thin cables into one longer cable;

BNC cable connector for soldering or screwing at the end of the cable;

The BNC terminator is used to prevent the signal from being reflected back to the cable to cause interference. The terminator is a special type of connector with a carefully selected resistor that matches the characteristics of the network cable. Each terminator must be grounded.

After reading the above, you should have a general impression of the type of BNC connector. For more information about the BNC connector and product information, you can enter the BNC product channel of Twinlink for detailed BNC product specifications and drawings. , and other attributes. Twinlink BNC connectors are ISO certified and reasonably priced, making them a safe choice for purchasers.

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