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What is the role of the male and female connectors of the pogo pin connector?


Pogo pin connector male and female is a new type of connector that has appeared in recent years, which has better docking. Today, the Twinlink connector manufacturer Xiaobian will take you to understand the role played by the high quality pogo pin connector of Twinlink.

First, humanized design:

Automatically ingest connection experience; can be used for electronic products such as data lines.

Second, human nature anti-fall:

When using the male and female sockets, the interface is easy to remove, and it is not easy to drive the machine.

Third, long life:

Up to 100,000-200,000 functional connections.

Fourth, waterproof design:

The host female end can be dustproof and waterproof (IPX8).

Fifth, fast charging time:

5A-10A magnet connector design capable of withstanding high current transmission.

Sixth, save space:

The female connector can be connected to the PCB to achieve pogo and SMT connection.

Seventh, customization:

The appearance and style are diversified, which meets the matching with the appearance of the host product, and enhances the product's selling point.

Eighth, environmental protection requirements:

Excellent corrosion resistance (48H-120H) to meet the harsh environment.

Twinlink provides various types of pin jack connection application solutions, including connector pin jacks, spring clips, pick and place pads and pogo pins. Our battery connector products include shrapnel, floating battery interconnect system (FBIS) and pogopin, with options to meet the changing needs of smartphones.

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