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What should I do if the high-speed rail sits at the station? RF cable assembly business tells you how to return free


As a provider of RF cable assembly solutions, Twinlink serves the national and global markets. Therefore, in order to serve customers well, the company's domestic business personnel often run around the city by bus or high-speed rail. So Xiaotian got a lot of stories in them. And some of the latest and still good welfare news, today will be shared with everyone!

When you take the bus, you often have to sit in the station. When you panic, you can get off the bus and go to the opposite platform to get a ride. You have to waste a few dollars. However, this bus is still good, it is not a long distance to sit in the station, even if the return cost is not expensive. But what if it is a high-speed rail? You must know that the speed of the high-speed rail is very fast, and the distance between the stations is also very large. The running time is not too short. It is often the purpose of getting off the bus when the passenger wakes up or discovers it. The land is far away.

How to do? Go back to the ticket? This price...but it is easy to get sleepy during the trip. If you accidentally fall asleep, there is no trainer wake-up service like the train sleeper.

But now tell you that a small 诀窍 is free to return. According to Article 37 of the “Rules for the Handling of Railway Passenger Transport”: “The trainer is required to return the goods due to mis-sale, mis-purchase, mistaking or sitting over the station. The passenger record should be prepared for the front stop. The station should indicate 'mistaken' on the back of the ticket and stamp the station name stamp. The designated near-field train can return free of charge.

Passengers who should report in the free return section are not allowed to get off at halfway..." Repeat it! Everyone must remember to find a staff member immediately! Immediately find the bus captain to issue a passenger record car captain. Open the passenger transport record for you to hand in front of the station, follow the staff to go, do not run by yourself, there is no need to re-purchase the passenger record, you can arrange for free return after the next stop. Since you have already sat, please calm down, stand the car After the handover, the station will arrange for other cars to sit back!

Of course, although you have sat through the station, you don't have to buy a ticket to return. In order to prevent the situation from sitting in the station, it is necessary to set the alarm clock several times in advance. After all, time is more important, and it saves unnecessary trouble.

how about it? The high-speed rail service news provided by Xiaotian’s RF cable assembly business is very intimate? Do you still don't know everyone? Hurry up and tell friends who are traveling or traveling!

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