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Twinlink Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is China's well-known RF connector、RF cable assembleand microwave motion sensor manufacturing enterprises, As China’s high-techenterprises , Twinlink  set design and productionas one, has a first-class design and engineering team, is technology-orientedmanufacturing enterprises。 we focus on design,production and sales . Technology is the core competition of us.

Twinlink provides a full range of RF coaxial connectors,from MMCX, SMP, MCX ,SMA, SMB, SMC, BNC, TNC, 7/16, N, and QDS etc, to standard products ODM and custom-made products with OEM Service. Our main productsinclude High speed cable assemblies, RF coaxial cable assemblies, low frequencycable assemblies, RF coaxial connectors, RF coaxial adapters. These products are mainlyused in data storage, networking, communications, automotive, medical,aerospace, military field.

We also focus on microwave sensor,intelligent lighting control. Twinlink is good at the microwave sensors inlighting control applications, our R&D team members including the firstdomestic 5.8GHz microwave sensor R&D team. We holds a number of patentsfrom simple microwave controller to microwave sensor/driver integration(microwave & driver two in one) and many other intelligent lighting controlareas. We has a complete production line, testing system and equipments formicrowave sensor, products are passed the TUV, RED, CE, EMC, UL and FCCcertifications. Twinlink dedicate to on/off function, dimmingcontrol, long distance application, waterproof for outdoor application and fullfunctions microwave sensor controllers.

Excellent,  innovative andprofessional services are our  own mission. Our goal is higher speed, morereliability, and cost-effective connectivity solution. Twinlink promises tocustomers around the world with the best quality, cost-effective products andservices!


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