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We have established laboratories dedicated to design verification, feed inspection, process monitoring, and failure analysis. The laboratory has complete laboratory and test equipment, testing capabilities including mechanical, electrical and environmental functions and reliability testing of all products. The laboratory also provides training for functional departments and customers to provide high precision and high standard products. The main test items are:

Mechanical performance test instrument:

1. electric coating thickness tester: plating thickness tester is used to measure the thickness of X ray fluorescence analysis instrument product electroplating coating. This device can also our analysis of 5 kinds of coating thickness, precision is 0.01 "(mark), can be used for accurate analysis of gold, silver, nickel, tin, zinc, chromium, copper tin zinc alloy plating thickness.

2. automatic plug force test machine: automatic plug force test machine is used to test the product insert, pull out force, retention force, bonding force, drawing force instrument. Range is 2000N, accuracy is 0.1N, automatic plug life test can be done on the product.

3. wire bending and bending machine: wire bending bending machine used to test the bending resistance of cable component fatigue life tester. Our instrument can bend the product at + 90 degrees. We can detect 6 sets of cables at the same time, and record the cable test status at any time.

4. plug life experiment machine: plug life test machine is used to make a fatigue test machine loopback test on product plug resistance life, can make the fatigue life test of all coaxial connectors, can set the test frequency and cycle.

5. permeability tester: permeability tester is used to test the weak magnetic materials and non-magnetic materials for the test of weak magnetic materials, can be 1.01 to 2.5 micron of weak magnetic material permeability test.

6. Rockwell hardness tester: Rockwell hardness tester for metal materials, copper alloy, steel alloy and heat treatment, carburizing, nitriding and other surface strengthening layer, surface coating, coating hardness measurement. The measuring range of the instrument is: 70-94HR15N, 42-86HR30N, 20-77HR45N, 67-, 93HR15T, 29-82HR30T, 10-72HR45T, accuracy 1HRC, and also can be used for hardness test of thin and thin parts.

Two 、 electrical performance testing instrument:

1.: vector network analyzer and vector network analyzer for VSWR, RF connector and cable assembly insertion loss, return loss, characteristic impedance, phase delay test vector analysis, the company is the Agilent E5071C test instrument types, the range is 300K ~ 20GHZ, the accuracy of + 2%, with TDR function, can be used for time domain analysis of the product.

2., three order intermodulation: three order intermodulation instrument used to RF connectors and cable components for anti-jamming performance measurement and analysis. The measuring range of the instrument is 900 to 915MHz, the accuracy is + 0.5dBm. The instrument has the function of point frequency mode and sweep frequency mode, and different measuring modes can be set up for R & D or mass production products as needed.

3. wire comprehensive tester: wire rod comprehensive tester is used to test the cable voltage, insulation resistance, transmission resistance, capacitance, broken short circuit. Test range: voltage: AC 200-1000V; DC - 200-1500V; insulation resistance: 1M ohm -1000M ohm; capacitance: 10PF ~ 1 F; resistance: 0.1 ohm to 1M ohm, precision instrument + 1% points to 128 points, at the same time as the test on the 128 cable.

4. high voltage tester: high voltage tester is used to test the dielectric resistance between the central conductor and the outer conductor dielectric of the RF connector and cable component. The test range is AC/DC 0 to 5KV; 0.001 to 20mA; accuracy is 1%.

5. insulation impedance tester: insulation impedance tester is used to test the insulation resistance between the central conductor and the outer conductor dielectric material of the RF connector and the cable component. Test range is voltage: 0-1000V, insulation resistance: 10K, ~100G, accuracy + 3%.

6. contact impedance tester: contact impedance tester is used to test the contact resistance between the connector and the two conductors. The test range is 10 -2M, 0.01M accuracy.

Three 、 environmental performance testing instrument:

1. RoHS tester: RoHS tester is used to analyze and test the content of lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium and bromine in the products of the company. The minimum detection limit is 1PPM.

2. high and low temperature environmental testing machine: high and low temperature environmental testing machine used to simulate the use of the environment for high temperature test, low temperature test, high and low temperature cycle test, constant temperature and humidity test. The test range is temperature -60 to +150 degrees centigrade, accuracy is 0.01 DEG C, humidity is 20% ~ 98%RH, accuracy is + 0.1%RH.

3. salt fog test machine: salt fog machine used for electroplating spray corrosion test. The test range is +5 DEG C to +55 DEG C with an accuracy of + 3%.

4. air tightness test machine: air tightness test machine is used to check the sealing performance of connectors. Test range is 0 ~ 400KPa, accuracy 0.01KPa, automatic identification of defective products and alarm.

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