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RF connector, this is a collective name. It is divided into many types. What types are there? What role does it have?


1.SMB series RF connector:

  The SMB connector can be thought of as a smaller version of the SMA with a clamped connection. The SMB connector was designed in 1960. The clasp design allows quick connection and disconnection in a limited space. The 50 ohm SMB usually operates in the 4 GHz frequency range, and the 75 ohm SMB connector can only operate at frequencies up to 2 GHz. SMB series connectors are commonly used in communications, automotive, GPS positioning, GSM mobile communications, wireless LAN devices, etc.RF connector coaxial connector

2.MCX Series RF Connector:

  The MCX connector is a coaxial RF connector that is about 30% smaller than the SMB connector and has a snap-in structure. The MCX RF connector was developed in the 1980s. The MCX connector has two impedances of 50 ohms and 75 ohms. The MCX male connector has a contact piece with six slots. MCX operating frequency up to 6GHz. And can be used for a variety of different types for the assembly of coaxial cable, mounted on the PCB or panel to choose from.

3.N series RF connector:

  The N-type connector is a small and medium power connector with a threaded connection. It is mainly used to connect RF cables or microstrip lines in RF circuits of digital communication systems and microwave equipment. There are 50 ohm and 75 impedance options, it has excellent performance, long life, high reliability, frequency bandwidth and so on.

4.TNC series RF connector

  The TNC coaxial connector was developed at the same time as the threaded result 7/16 coaxial connector. Ideal for high durability RF coaxial cable equipment. The TNC connector can be divided into 50 ohms and 75 ohms with a bandwidth of 0-4 GHz. TNC connectors are commonly used in military radio communication systems, computers, test instruments, cellular mobile phones, data transmission and medical equipment.

5.BNC Series RF Connector

  The BNC connector is suitable for use in the frequency range of 0-4 GHz. It is mainly used for low-power coaxial connectors with bayonet connection mechanism. This type of connector can be quickly connected and classified. It has high reliability, strong shock resistance, convenient connection and separation, and is suitable for occasions of frequent connection and separation. It is widely used in radio equipment and test instruments to connect coaxial RF cables.

6.FAKRA Series RF Connectors

  The FAKRA connector is equipped with a standardized coding system that uses 14 possible codes for simple and quick assembly. The basic and secondary locking structure guarantees the highest assembly and contact reliability. Even in the field of high-stress vehicles, such as vibration. The FAKRA connector will always ensure correct data transmission. The FAKRA connector is also divided into 50 ohms and 75 ohms. The 50 ohm FAKRA connector is usually applied to the 6 GHz frequency range. The 75 ohm FAKRA connector is a completely customized product.

7.MMCX RF coaxial connector:

  The MMCX was a radio frequency coaxial connector invented in 1990 with a snap-lock structure and having a smaller size than the MCX connector. The design of this structure allows the user to quickly connect and disconnect the MMCX connector in a limited space. The MMCX connector has a 50 ohm impedance and is typically used at frequencies below 6 GHz. The MMCX bite structure allows the MMCX connector to rotate 360 degrees. MMCX connectors are used in many different applications such as GPS positioning, GSM cellular telephone networks, WiFi wireless networks or WLAN devices.

8.SMP Series RF Connectors

  The SMP connector's interface is an ultra-compact interface with the same proportion as the MMCX connector, but it can operate in the frequency range up to 40 GHz. It is often used for small-size rides, high-frequency coaxial modules, and push-in-cut-to-occlude plug-in combinations.

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