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Wire-to-board connector system


  Molex has announced a new line-to-board connector system that is the ideal solution for customers seeking high performance, compact size, and robust retention.This comprehensive terminal solution developed by Molex has a rated current of 1.5 A, a compact size, and a latching design for OEMs operating in space-constrained environments.The connector system is designed for industries such as automotive, consumer products and industrial automation and is suitable for a variety of applications including vehicle switches, home appliances and power tools.
Molex's product offers a choice of 2 to 2 circuits, single and double row, and vertical and horizontal plugs, with a high degree of flexibility in mind.This is a compact 1.25 mm pitch connector system that operates at a rated operating temperature of 105 ̊C and has a rated current of 1.5 amps for general market applications.Connectors are available in a variety of colors for easy color coding.

  In order to ensure that the connector is fully inserted and that end-product failures in applications due to shock, vibration and rough handling are avoided, the connector system uses a wide latching design that can rattle and provide further assurance to the assembler.Molex Global Product Manager stated: "Because of space constraints, designers often have to abandon the design of the locking function on the connector, which will affect the firmness of the maintenance.Molex's Micro-Lock Plus connector system is the smallest connector on the market today that has latching capabilities so engineers no longer have to choose between compactness and retention.”In addition, robust contact and terminal retention can be achieved through robust metal pads and dual contact terminal designs.Tin-antimony alloy terminals provide a clear and uninterrupted signal transmission, there is no long-term problem caused by tin plating, and the additional cost of gold plating.

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