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What factors affect the quotation of MCX connector wholesale?


It is estimated that in 2010, China's mcx connector market has reached 25.7 billion yuan. Now the market size of mcx connectors is growing at an average annual rate of 15%. What is the size of the MCX connector?

1, the impact of product structure on the quotation MCX connector wholesale is generally the company procurement, for product understanding, slightly poor, the product structure also has an impact on product quotation. MCX connector is a pushin connection structure, small size It is a convenient and fast RF coaxial connector with characteristic impedance of 50Ω and 75Ω. However, the appearance of the structure, the difficulty for manufacturers, such as elbows, heterosexual head.

2, the performance of the wholesale quotation has a large impact on the VSWR and insertion loss, mechanical parameters and other performance, different VSWR price difference is different, relatively speaking, the communication field is higher than the performance requirements of other fields in the application.

3, the impact of environmental requirements on the quotation Corrosion resistance, temperature tolerance, etc., Tiankele can accept different environmental requirements, such as the current salt-mouse experiment of Tiankele customer Xi'an Huatian on the product is 720 hours. Of course, the requirements for different environments are naturally different.

The difference in materials affects the quotation of materials directly affects the quotation of MCX connector wholesale. The higher the material requirements, the higher the raw material cost of the manufacturer, the better the material and the direct product performance.

The above points can be used as a reference for the wholesale purchase of MCX connectors. Tiankele has been focusing on RF connection, and its products are used in communications, radio frequency identification, automotive, medical, aviation, data storage, network signal transmission, military and other fields. If you still want to know some specific information about MCX connector wholesale, you can contact us to purchase small customer service, ready to answer your questions!

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