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Price influencing factors of RF coaxial connectors


There are many types of RF coaxial connectors, and the functions are basically the same. Each type is different in size and size, and then the production process is different according to the customer's needs. Therefore, the factors affecting the price are A lot, how do we judge the price more reasonable and simpler when we choose?

There are many main performance parameters of RF coaxial connectors, most of which can be seen in the cross-section and parameter table of the product introduction, but several factors that mainly affect the price are materials and coatings:
In terms of materials: brass, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze and ternary alloy, etc., the insulator is generally PTFE PTFE, and the seals are generally made by silicone rubber manufacturers when they are customized according to requirements. The higher the natural price of good materials;
Plating: gold plating, silver plating, ternary alloy, etc. It is obvious that the price of metal is not the same. If the thickness of the coating is the same, the price will be different.
Only after you have understood these materials can you know if the quotes provided by the suppliers are cost-effective.

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