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What is the RF connector PIM value?


Regarding the main performance PIM value (passive intermodulation) in the RF connector, you may only know that there is this performance value, but what is the use of it, and what effect it will have on the performance of the RF connector. How much loss is there in the signal transmission of the device. So Xiaotian will tell you what PIN (Passive Intermodulation) is?

The PIM value (Passive Intermodulation) is a distorted signal generated by mixing two or more different frequency signals into a passive device due to the nonlinearity of the connection point or material.

The generation of interference is related to the local downlink frequency, which can lead to an increase in uplink frequency noise when multiple systems share infrastructure. The impact of PIM on network quality is very serious, especially for broadband systems such as UMTS or LTE. PIM interference can lead to reduced receiver sensitivity, increased dropped call rate, increased access failure rate, premature switching, reduced data transmission rate, and reduced system coverage and capacity.

Any component in the RF path can cause PIM interference, including antennas, TMAs, diplexers, duplexers, lightning arresters, cables, and connectors. In addition, when the antenna system is radiated with high power, loose mechanical connections and rusted surfaces can also cause PIM interference.

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