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Smp interface outer conductor function and design


The RF connector is mainly composed of outer conductor, insulator, center pin, nut case, buckle ring, waterproof ring, dust cap and other parts, each of which has its own function! Smp interface is also a kind of RF connector, naturally no exception, Xiaotian here to give you a brief introduction to the knowledge of the outer conductor!

The outer conductor of the smp interface is mainly a ground shield, and the ground shield is very common in life. The material of the outer conductor is generally brass, but the requirements for the number of plugging and unplugging may be copper or phosphor bronze to meet the requirements! In the plating layer, it is generally gold, ternary alloy or nickel, but there is no nickel plating when there are third-order intermodulation. Of course, the choice and thickness of these three coatings are also part of the price, but this kind of thing is usually given to the manufacturer. Yes, you only need to understand the factors that influence the composition and price, and buy the products whose final performance meets the requirements of use!

Tiankele has 3 quality inspections on the smp interface, with an excellent rate of 99.99%, and has a complete product process and technical team. We are a high-tech enterprise in China with more than 10 patents and passed ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental system certification. If you have any questions on the smp interface or other aspects, please feel free to contact 13684973846, we will be happy to serve you 24 hours!

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