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What are the main features of MCX connectors and SMP connectors?


Among the many RF connector types, there are two miniature connector MCX connectors and SMP connectors. Which one is more suitable for you when you choose a miniature RF connector? Know that these two connectors can be used to maintain and repair the company's equipment to avoid unnecessary losses. Let's take a look at these two paragraphs. Connector.

The two push connectors are similar, they are all 50 ohms and can be mounted to semi-rigid and flexible coaxial cables. The size of the connector varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

MCX This is the largest of the two connectors. The right angle anode typically measures 0.340 inches (8.63 mm) from top to bottom. It has a right angle anode cable mount, PCB mount anode and cathode plus circuit card edge, straight anode, straight anode, straight anode, and straight anode separator.

SMP is designed for the military missile market, where high vibration and high frequency are important. The size is 0.240 in. from the top of the connector to the bottom of the contact. The center contact is 0.015IN OD. The frequency range is typically 18 GHz, with efficient braking, which means it takes about 15 pounds to disengage, a partial brake of 10 pounds, and a smooth hole of 2 pounds to disengage. Suitable for high vibration environments. The complete lock is difficult to disengage and it does not suddenly break.

The cost of these two connectors is often the cheapest and the locking mechanism is very good.

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