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RF Cable Assemblies and Interference Restricted Systems


Xiaotian mentions a concept related to RF cable assemblies: interference-limited systems. A CDMA system is a typical interference limited system. In theory, if each user code is completely orthogonal and can be completely distinguished by interleaving and deinterleaving, then the capacity of a CDMA system can be infinite, because it can completely use one on a limited frequency resource. Layer-level extended user codes distinguish between an infinite number of users.

However, in reality, since the user code cannot be completely orthogonal, noise is inevitably introduced in the demodulation of the multi-user signal, and the more the user, the higher the noise until the noise exceeds the demodulation threshold.

In other words, the capacity of a CDMA system is limited by interference (noise).

The GSM system is not an interference limited system. It is a time domain and frequency domain limited system. Its capacity is limited by frequency (200 kHz one carrier frequency) and time domain resources (8 TDMA can be shared on each carrier frequency). user). Therefore, the power control requirements of the GSM system are not high (the step size is rough and the period is long).

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