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Where is the future of the RF connector coming to the 5G era?


5G will make a difference in our future life, what is the future of RF connectors. It will bring us: hundreds of times faster than 4g, theoretical download speeds of up to 10 Gbps, significantly improved reliability and drastically reduced latency. But the really exciting part is the rapid development of 5G and what impact it will have on life.

Imagine that it takes only a few seconds to download a 4k resolution movie online; virtual reality is indistinguishable from the real world; there are many people in the stadium that use connected machines, but the role, performance or Reliability is not compromised.

Beyond that, imagine the world's 50 billion devices that have been online and connected all the time – to create easier commutes, smarter homes, healthier bodies, and more immersive entertainment. A safer world.

This is also the future of people's 5G. Perhaps the most exciting part of this is to design and test 5G from today, and the vision will be within reach.


At the 2o17 Global Internet Conference, Qualcomm successfully implemented the world's first 5G data connection based on the 5G modem chipset for mobile intelligent terminals. 5G baseband, RF, and Internet also need 1 to 2 years of debugging time. It is estimated that 5G mobile phones equipped with Qualcomm communication technology will appear in the first half of next year.


On September 27, 2017, China Mobile Research Institute organized a 5G bearer SPN (slicing packet network) prototype system test, Huawei took the lead in successfully passing the test on commercial equipment. SPN is China Mobile's new generation technology and architecture for 5G bearers, featuring large bandwidth, low latency, and sensitive intelligence. In late November 2017, Huawei teamed up with Deutsche Telekom to officially announce the release of the world's first 5G commercial network, which is the first government department and company in the world to release complete 5G network technology.

At the Global Internet Conference, Huawei won the "3GPP 5G Pre-Commerce System" Science and Technology Achievement Award, showing Huawei's strength on the Internet side.


Intel's early 5G chip, the Intel® 5G modem announced at CES 2017, has successfully implemented 5G connectivity in the 28GHz band. Intel released the first large family of multimode commercial modems for 5GNR, the Intel XMM8000 series. The XMM8060 is Intel's first multimode, full-band commercial 5G modem and is expected to be used as a commercial customer device in 2019.


In terms of 5G, Samsung has also begun to lay out and is constantly pushing. In 2016, Samsung joined the China Mobile 5G Joint Innovation Center. In August of the same year, the two parties worked together to test the core technology of 5G millimeter wave. On December 1st, Samsung and Japan Telecom KDDI Corp. successfully cooperated on the train with a speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour for the first time to realize data transmission under the 5G network, and the transmission speed reached 1.7Gbps. KDDI said it will continue to test 5G with Samsung and achieve the goal of releasing 5G network in 2020.

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