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How is the waterproof sma connector IP rating divided?


The resolution criteria for the sealing performance of waterproof sma connectors are known to many people, that is to say the IP waterproof rating standard. The key is to look at the two digits XX behind the ipXX. The first digit is from 0 to 6, and the maximum rating is 6. The second digit is from 0 to 8, and the maximum rating is 8. Therefore, the highest waterproof rating of the waterproof connector is ip68.

 Different ip waterproof grades have different standards, especially in the ip68 waterproof grade test. The test equipment, experimental standards and test time need to be recognized by both the supplier and the buyer. The severity is naturally higher than the protection level below. It is much higher.

 Ip68 waterproof sma connector ip68 waterproof test is: ensure that the water depth of 10 meters, work for two weeks, without water; put into the water depth of 100 meters, damage test for 12 hours, still can maintain the good performance of the product.

Level standard:

Degree of protection against solids (first X)

  0: no protection

  1 : Avoid intrusion of solids above 50mm, equivalent to the length of one hand;

  2: Prevent 12.5mm solid intrusion; equal to the length of 1 finger;

  3: Avoid 2.5mm entry into the intrusion. Equivalent to a line or tool;

  4: Avoid the entry of solids larger than 1.0mm, equal to one line or peeling line;

  5: Avoid dust full entry and cause damage

  6: completely avoid dust entry

Water protection rating (represented by the second X)

  0 : not waterproof

  1 : Prevent water droplets

  2: When the outer casing is tilted to 15 degrees, the water drops drip into the outer casing without affecting

  3: Water or rain has no effect from the 60 degree corner to the outer casing

  4: The liquid is splashed from other directions to the outer casing without damage.

  5: Spraying with water without any damage

  6 : Prevent strong spray water and can be used in the environment inside the cabin

  7 : Resistant to water in a short period of time

  8 : Continuous flooding under a certain pressure

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