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Why is the RF coaxial connector to be coated, and what material is used?


In a variety of RF coaxial connectors are chosen to have different coatings, why should it be plated? What factors should be considered for plating? What is the plating material? This pile of questions, is not very Mongolian! Xiaotian today summarized the materials and problems of the RF coaxial connector selection coating. Let's take a look!

In the electrical and electronic industries, the use of protective and wear resistant coatings for electrical contacts is increasing.

As the core component of the electrical connector, the contact part can improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the contact part through the table processing, and can also optimize the transmission function of the contact part to a large extent.

When selecting a coating, the following factors are usually considered: the function of the contact, the operating condition, the matrix material, the degree of matching of the coating and the substrate, the cost of the coating, and the safety of the coating deposition environment.

The electrical connector contact substrate is generally a copper alloy, and the commonly used coatings are: gold, silver, tin

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