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Board-to-board connector test analysis


The board-to-board connector is a very common connector product. Among all the connector product types, the board-to-board connector has the strongest transmission capability, mainly used in communication networks, power systems, and industrial applications. Automation, medical equipment, office equipment, smart appliances, military manufacturing and other industries. The following small days explain the 5-point test analysis of the board-to-board connector.

1. Because the board-to-board connector works, the current generates heat at the contact point, causing the temperature rise. Therefore, it is generally considered that the operating temperature should be equal to the sum of the ambient temperature and the junction temperature rise, requiring the board-to-board connector to be rated at the operating current. The highest temperature allowed.

2. When the salt spray resistant connector works in an environment with moisture and salt, the metal structural parts and the surface treatment layer of the contact parts will have galvanic corrosion, which will affect the physical use and electrical of the board-to-board connector. performance.

3. Intrusion of moisture-resistant moisture will affect the insulation performance of the connection h and corrode metal parts. Constant damp heat test conditions are relative humidity of 90% to 95%, temperature +40 ± 20 ° C, test time according to product regulations, alternating heat and humidity test is more demanding.

4. Board-to-board connector failure handling When the board-to-board connector is broken, it may be caused by broken wires during use, poor connector contact, and loose connector terminals. Because the failure of the wires to break in the middle is rare, most of them are disconnected at the connector. Therefore, the inspection should focus on carefully checking the wires of the sensor and the connecting wires, whether there is looseness and poor contact.

5. The board-to-board connector open-circuit failure caused by poor contact is often caused by corrosion of the connector end, external dirt entering the terminal or connecting to the socket, thus causing a decrease in contact pressure. At this point, just remove the board-to-board connector and re-install it to change its connection and return it to normal contact.

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