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The demand for 5G IoT RF connectors in the future is huge


   In the 2008 financial crisis, China's manufacturing industry was sung "the transformation of mechanical automation development". In the past 10 years, this has already become the consensus of many companies, and it is a matter that many people must implement. Nowadays, the world is advancing automation technology, and the future development speed will obviously be fast. The Chinese market is also the most concerned. The future development trend of domestic automation technology will accelerate, because the demand for domestic large-scale RF connectors is increasing.

   According to the "2018 China Intelligent Manufacturing Report", the digitalization capability of domestic industrial enterprises continued to improve, and China has become the first large consumer of industrial machinery, and the demand has increased strongly. 63% of manufacturing companies have now placed digital factories in the top of smart manufacturing deployment, and the future development of domestic intelligent manufacturing has entered a period of rapid development.

   Industrial manufacturing is developing towards mechanical automation and intelligence. Industrial connectors have been widely used in all aspects of industrial production to achieve interconnection in industrial production. For RF connector manufacturers, they naturally do not want to miss this big. Promising sunrise area.

   The deputy chief engineer of a RF connector company is also very optimistic about the future development of industrial automation. He told reporters that nowadays every company needs to be automated, and many companies even have established technical work such as industrial automation and intelligence. Personnel will replace manual work.

   However, even if the future trend of industrial automation is inevitable, domestically as a manufacturing powerhouse, such transformational development will obviously have certain economic effects on products such as RF connectors. With the industrial transformation and upgrading, the development of high-end equipment manufacturing has brought new opportunities to the RF connector industry, and there are also many new challenges!

   Since connectors are typically operated in a variety of extreme environments and in a variety of engraved conditions, reliability is a critical technical requirement for industrial connectors.

   The overall direction of the development trend is modularization, miniaturization and interconnection. The connection technology is one of the most important components. The overall development trend of the new technology of RF connectors includes: the speed of data signal transmission and Digitalization, integration of various data signal transmissions, miniaturization and miniaturization of product sizes, cost reduction of products, modularization of modules, and ease of insertion and removal.

   For miniaturization, industrial automation needs to be equipped with many sensors, so how to integrate the sensor with the connector is the key to the future. The modularization of sensors and connectors will be a big market opportunity in the future. The company is still relatively small.

   At the same time, high speed has become a crucial technology direction. Intelligent manufacturing requires faster data transmission and more stable data transmission. This must meet the requirements of the connector, which was previously considered to be a gigabit class.

   Shenzhen Tiankele Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing RF connectors for 12 years. It has been selected by 5 Fortune 500 companies, 25 China Top 100 companies and 160 global customers, maintaining 35% per year. increase. In the future 5G construction process, Tianke Le people have been insisting on the spirit of product excellence. The pursuit of high reliability and high performance products is the guarantee for Tiankeler people to customers.

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