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The latest application of SMP connector board to board


Twinlink offers all series lof SMP MAX and SMP connectors that focus on high-density RF solutions with tight board-to-board type. Twinlink engineer is here give you a new application case about SMP board-to-board connector .

It's a project that works on smart water meters. As far as we know, traditional water meter and electricity meters require manual door-to-door transcription of electricity and water meter data.

With the development of the Internet , the smart water meter will gradually replace the traditional water meter.  Compared with the traditional water meter, the intelligent water meter is a product that can be connected to the Internet and can realize the remote collection of water meter data.  Smart water meter will have a small antenna inside, in this small antenna will be used SMP connector series products.  A small antenna mounted on a water meter can receive radio-frequency signals, which is simply to make the data into a signal, which is transmitted to a designated local area network through the radio-frequency antenna, and then get the relevant data on the mobile phone or computer.

Due to the large market demand of smart water meters in the later stage, it is estimated that the number of SMP connectors used in the projects of smart water meters will exceed 100,000 every month. Twinlink communication technology co., ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise in China.

Who has 12 years of focus on RF solution , with more than 10 years of industry experience of the R & D team;  Which we have Industry leading machinery, electrical, environmental and other three professional laboratories and from machining, assembly testing and electroplating of the integration of the industrial chain.  If you have relevant needs, welcome to consult with customer service teams

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