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What are the characteristics of the N-type connector?


N-type connector is a threaded medium power connector with high reliability, strong shock resistance, excellent mechanical and electrical performance, widely used in radio equipment and instruments and ground launch systems under harsh vibration and environmental conditions. Connect the RF coaxial cable. Can be interchanged with international N-type products. According to the characteristic impedance, it is divided into 50Ω and 75Ω.

The structure of the N-type connector is divided into male and female, and the style has standard polarity and reverse polarity. The shape of the N-type connector is divided into straight or right angle type and 4-hole flange type, press-in type, diaphragm type, 2-hole panel type, 4-hole panel type or free type. The terminations of these N-type connectors are snap/weld, snap/weld (static contact), crimp/weld, field replaceable, soldered or soldered/welded.

The N-type connector is divided into 50 ohm impedance and 75 ohm impedance. The 50 ohm N-type connector has a high reliability coaxial connector with a screw locking system up to 12 GHz. These two connectors cannot be connected to each other. The N-type connector uses a medium-sized screw-on locking system with high weather resistance. In addition, the N-type connector has the advantages of high robustness and high reliability, as well as excellent LOW PIM performance.

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