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Installation for RF coaxial cable assemblies


The RF coaxial cable and the RF coaxial connector are assembled according to a certain processing technology to become a radio frequency coaxial cable assembly. Depending on the cable tail structure, common cable assemblies have the following three configurations:

(1) nut compression type - the cable connector tail and the cable shielding layer are connected by means of a nut compression;

(2) Welded connection type - the cable connector tail and the cable shielding layer are connected by welding;

(3) Crimp connection type - A method in which a metal connector is  deformed and flowed under pressure by a special crimping tool to connect the cable connector tail to the cable shield.

To successfully assemble an RF coaxial cable assembly to ensure high reliability, first understand the failure mode and failure mechanism of the cable assembly. Of course, in addition to the above failure modes, there are other special and accidental failure factors, which will not be listed in detail here. It must be emphasized that the failure modes listed in the above table are often not isolated, but closely related to each other. If the connector pins and jacks are not in contact or poorly contacted, not only open circuit or contact resistance surge, but also the insertion loss surge and reflection failure. So virtually any failure can cause the connector and the entire RF coaxial cable assembly to fail.

Therefore, the standardized processing technology and complete processing equipment are the necessary guarantees for the assembly of RF coaxial cable assemblies. Twinlink Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is a manufacturer specializing in RF fields more than 12 years . Serving more than 100 partners worldwide, more than 10 years of R&D engineers, with industry-leading three professional laboratories of mechanical, electrical and environmental, and an integrated industrial chain from machining, assembly testing and electroplating. The pursuit of high reliability and high quality products is our guarantee

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