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FAKRA RF Connector Usher A New Era for Cars


In addition to the large-scale use of radio frequency technology, RF technology has followed the development trend of modern information technology, such as GPS global positioning system, satellite radio, car Internet access, remote vehicle diagnosis and car Bluetooth. Demand, RF technology also plays a pivotal role in the small and complete subsystem of the FAKRA RF connector.

Because of the sportiness of the car, improving the reception quality of the car is still one of the research topics of RF technology. In the complicated receiving environment of the car, about 60 feet of coaxial cable is required from the roof wireless antenna module to the car center console, and the FAKRA RF connector is generally used around the antenna. FAKRA RF connector is a commonly used component of the current stage of car, used in navigation system, remote control, car phone, car TV, audio equipment, antenna and other functions, has now developed into a specification for RF connection in the car, the RF connector The housing is available in a variety of shades that have been standardized for the main purpose.

Whether it is communication or in-car entertainment, or aerospace, military and rail transit, in the new era of the Internet of Everything, the RF industry will undergo incremental technological reforms and create huge industry opportunities. People have reason. Firmly believe that the infinite possibilities of the RF technology revolution may subvert the general perception of many traditional industries.

Twinlink Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer of RF coaxial connectors, has become a partner for more than 100 global customers. Twinlink pursues high reliability and high quality in the manufacture of FAKRA RF connectors. In order to meet the high performance requirements of customers, Twinlink has always adhered to the craftsmanship of RF connection.

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