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Next-generation network demand, not only RF coaxial connectors


In addition to the evolution of the RF coaxial connector itself, the evolution of new mobile network in the RF system of all communication systems has also changed.

Overview the future development of mobile communication protocols, channel bandwidth continues to increase, 200KHz in the 2G era, 5MHz in the 3G era, 100MHz in the 4G era, will reach 1GHz in the new era of 5G, and the ever-increasing bandwidth will promote isomorphism The macro base station and small base station topology evolved into a powerful heterogeneous combination of smaller cellular base stations.

The cellular mobile network has evolved for many years. According to the GSMA market research and statistics analysis, in 2020, the total number of machines and equipment using cellular networking technology will reach 100 billion units worldwide. As the demand for bandwidth and cellular wireless sensitivity continues to increase, the transmission of data from radio frequency data signals from cellular antennas to remote radio heads points to ever-increasing regulations. On the other hand, the limitations on connector specifications and weight are also more stringent.

RF connectors have long been known by many people, and the number of RF connectors in the market is increasing, mainly for RF coaxial systems. 4.3-10 RF connector system and cable assemblies to meet the needs of next generation mobile networks.

High-performance data signal transmission, 100% data traceability under low passive intermodulation (PIM), and lower torque compared to current interfaces. The RF connector included in the solution is 30% smaller than DIN 7/16 and 60% lighter. The cable assembly uses an integrated weatherproof cover. It is ideal for outdoor cellular points. It is the future cellular communication micro base station. The best choice for connectivity.

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