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What is a reverse polarity coaxial connector


What is a (reverse polarity) RP coaxial connector? Usually, we will see RP-SMA and RP-BNC connectors, Do you know what are they and what are their differences from SMA and BNC connectors? Let's take a look at what is the reverse polarity coaxial connector.

As shown above, the conventional male connector (standard polarity) consists of an outer body, a ferrule and a center pin. The threaded portion is located inside the connector.

On the other hand, conventional female connectors (standard polarity) include external bodies, ferrules and sockets instead of center pins. The threaded portion is located outside the connector.

In the reverse polarity male connector and the female connector, the "center pin" of the male connector is exchanged with the "socket" of the female connector, that is, the reverse polarity male connector has a socket at the interface instead of the center lead The foot and reverse polarity female connectors have a center pin at the interface.

The basic idea behind the use of a reverse polarity coaxial connector is to prevent the user from trying to connect the wrong type of connector, such as the male connector to the male connector or the female connector to the female connector, as this can damage the connector and cause The signal is degraded.

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