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Wide application of SMA connectors


SMA connectors are a widely used half-precision ultra-small RF and microwave connector, especially for RF connections in electronic systems with frequencies up to 18 GHz or higher. At present, more and more scenes need SMA connectors, which made by the body, the center pin, an insulator with a waterproof outer. So any other will use SMA connector ?

SMA connectors are now more and more widely used in the Internet and Internet of Things industries, such as smart meters, drone antennas, smart refrigerators, logistics storage cabinets, filters, antennas, mobile phone test lines, headsets, etc. Performance indicators, a variety of designs. Appearance has a straight SMA connector, right angle SMA connector, female SMA connector, male SMA connector ,  SMA connector for cable, SMA connector for board, performance requirements from 6G to 20G, standing wave requirements of 1.2, according to the use of the environment ,Twinlink can do one-to-one correspondence.

Twinlink Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise in China, focusing on the field of RF connection for 12 years. Strategic cooperation suppliers of more than 20 listed companies in China, partners of more than 100 customers in the world, and R&D teams with more than 10 years of industry experience; industry-leading three professional laboratories of mechanical, electrical and environmental, and machining, The integrated industrial chain of assembly testing and electroplating provides customers with high quality SMA connector.

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