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Today, as the communications industry continues to grow, it is critical to choose a trusted RF connector manufacturer for long-term cooperation. Twinlink has been engaged in the field of RF connection for more than ten years, and Xiaotian has led everyone to understand it from several aspects.

Founded in 2007, RF connector manufacturer Twinlink Communications specializes in RF connector joints for more than ten years. It develops, designs and manufactures itself. It has a first-class design and engineering team and is equipped with 40GHZ/65GHZ RF test level cables and military-grade products. ability. With more than 10 patents, it has passed ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental system certification.

Twinlink uses professional performance simulation software HFSS, 3D software PROE, graphics software CAD to design, with three advanced laboratories such as electrical performance, mechanical performance and environmental performance to ensure coaxial RF cable assembly, low frequency cable assembly, coaxial The performance of the RF connector is good, making it the top among RF connector manufacturers.

The RF connector manufacturer Twinlink has over ten years of ISO quality system management and control, and has more than 30 quality control personnel to ensure that the product excellent rate reaches 99.99%. The products are all made of ROHS-compliant raw materials, and 90% of suppliers have cooperated for more than 10 years to ensure product stability. The company's vision is to "provide customers with faster, more reliable, and more cost-effective connectivity solutions."

These factors have made Twinlink a place in RF connector manufacturers and a partner for many listed companies.

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