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SMA connector design


With the development of 5G, more and more scenes need to use SMA connectors. SMA is composed of the main body, pin, insulator and waterproof ring. What are the contents of the standard SMA connector?

The center pin of a standard polar SMA male connector is surrounded by a cylinder with internal threads, and the central sleeve of a standard SMA female connector is surrounded by a cylinder with external threads. As with most other connectors, the gender distribution therefore corresponds to the innermost electrical component as well as the reverse polarity ("RP") SMA connector, where the pin and sleeve are interchanged; thus the "male" RP SMA center sleeve The barrel is surrounded by an internally threaded cylinder, while the "female" RP SMA has a center pin and an externally threaded cylinder.

The SMA connector uses a insulator (PTFE) dielectric that will contact the mating plane. The variability of the structure and the fit of the connector limit connector’s impedance. For this reason, and they are only rated as a limited number of connection cycles, SMA connectors are generally not a good choice for metering applications.

SMA connectors are rated for up to 500 insertions and pulls, but to achieve this, the connector must be properly twisted when connected. This requires a 5/16-inch torque wrench with 3 in-lb (0.3 to 0.6 N) for brass and 7-10 in-lb (0.8 to 1.1 N) for stainless steel. Connector. A plane is sometimes placed on the both side of connector assembly so that the second wrench , it can be used to prevent it from rotating and damaging connection to the cable. Before mating, it is recommended to use a compressed air or gas scrubber to check and remove loose debris from the inner surface.

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