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Development Bottlenecks and Opportunities for Chinese RF Connector Manufacturers


Since the reform and opening up, China's manufacturing industry has flourished. After joining the WTO, China's manufacturing has gradually moved to the world. In the coastal areas, factories have sprung up. RF connector manufacturers, including foreign-funded enterprises that introduced capital technology and state-owned military enterprises that independently researched. After more than half a century of development, the number of relevant technical personnel has increased, and the factory has gradually developed in various forms.

The development bottleneck of domestic RF connector manufacturers:

Variety, order quantity is scattered, it is difficult to achieve full automation, and labor costs are gradually increasing.

The transaction period is long, the capital turnover is difficult, and the factory scale is difficult to expand.

The equipment factory has a large capital investment and lacks funds for research and development and introduction of technology.

Market prices are fiercely competitive and profits are becoming thinner. In the development, RF connector manufacturers also have opportunities. On the one hand, they have a complete supply matching system, which can realize specialized large-scale production. On the other hand, with the advent of the 5G era, market demand is expected to increase significantly.

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