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Classification of cable connectors


There are many types of cable connectors in the market. If you divide them by interface, they are mainly divided into four categories:

1. Threaded connection, such as 7/16 connector, N-type connector, TNC connector, SMA connector and other cable connectors. This connection makes the plug and the socket more stable and reliable, and has stronger anti-vibration and anti-collision capability.

2. Bayonet type connection: such as BNC connector, C type connector, Q6 type connector and other cable connectors. This connection is easy to use, the connection is not easy to loose, and the separation is very fast. It is widely used in many medical equipment and electronic instruments.

3. Plug-in connection: Cable connectors such as SMB connectors, MCX connectors, QMA connectors, QN connectors, etc. are characterized by the use of locking structures. Most of them are small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, and suitable for system weight and volume requirements. The equipment is suitable for drawer type, arranging and building block installation.

4. Floating (blind plug) connection: such as MBX connector, AFI connector, BMA connector and other cable connectors due to floating connection, easy to use, have a certain blind insertion function, X, Y, Z can be offset in three directions Mm, even larger, is very fast, and is often used for larger connections between PCB boards.

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