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MMCX interface features


The MMCX interface is a type of coaxial connector. It was developed in 1990 and uses a plug-in connection to rotate 360 degrees. Usually its characteristic impedance is 50 ohms. The MMCX connector is commonly found on the antenna interface of a PC's wireless PC card, and on the GPS communication antenna jacks of some PDAs and GPS navigation devices. On some of the in-ear headphones, the MMCX interface is also used to replace the data cable.

The MMCX interface is a push-in connector that is 50 ohms and can be mounted to semi-rigid and flexible coaxial cables. The MMCX interface measures 7 mm from the top of the connector to the mating surface and the center stylus is typically 4 mm OD. The MMCX is designed for smaller cables. 0.047, 0.085 (2.1 mm) semi-rigid and RG-316, RG-174. The cutoff frequency of the MMCX is typically about 6 GHz.

The MMCX interface is smaller in size than the MCX and has an advantage in cost. The disadvantage is that there are not many cable types to choose from, and because it is a push-in connection, it is easy to be ejected.

In view of the shortcomings of the MMCX interface, Tiankele has summed up more than ten years of experience, improved in design, and stricter control over quality to ensure that customers' products have no quality problems. Twinlink has been focusing on RF connectivity for 12 years. The R&D team with more than 10 years of industry experience; the industry-leading three professional laboratories of mechanical, electrical and environmental, and the integrated industrial chain from machining, assembly testing and electroplating to provide a variety of RF connections to meet customer needs. Device.

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