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The SMA connector is a widely used small-threaded coaxial connector with high frequency bandwidth, excellent performance, high reliability and long life. The SMA connector is suitable for connecting RF cables or microstrip lines in the RF loop of microwave equipment and digital communication systems. Tiankele produces high frequency SMA connectors.

The high-frequency SMA connector comprises an inner conductor, an outer conductor, a medium support, and a left connector and a right connector. The two sides of the medium support are symmetrically arranged with an annular groove, and the medium support is composed of an upper medium support and a lower medium support, and the ring is formed. The grooves are correspondingly composed of an upper annular groove and a lower annular groove. The utility model solves the technical problem that the high-frequency SMA connector product has low qualification rate, can not provide excellent electrical performance requirements, and can not meet the mechanical performance requirements in a special environment, and has good mechanical properties, high electrical performance, simple processing, The advantage of low cost.

High operating frequency, small size and high precision. The high-frequency SMA connector uses an air interface, which is small in size, light in weight, and highly reliable. Since the structural size of the connector is close to the operating wavelength, any slight change will have a serious impact on the electrical performance of the connector. It brings high precision requirements to the connector structure size. Small size and high precision put forward higher requirements for manufacturing technology.

Twinlink Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise in China, focusing on the field of RF connection for 12 years. China's more than 20 listed companies strategic cooperation suppliers, partners of more than 100 customers worldwide, and a research and development team with more than 10 years of industry experience. It has three professional laboratories of industry, machinery, electrical and environment, and an integrated industrial chain from machining, assembly testing and electroplating. Provide you with a professional high frequency SMA connector solution.

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