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The Test of Feeder Connector


Feeder Connector have been widely used, how do suppliers guarantee production quality in the production process? How many labs? What are the test steps? A formal factory usually has three laboratories: a mechanical performance laboratory, an electrical performance laboratory, and an environmental performance laboratory. The specific test contents are as follows:

Mechanical performance laboratory: automatic precision push and pull machine, torque meter, secondary image measuring instrument, altimeter, Shore hardness tester, thickness gauge. The automatic precision push-pull machine is used to detect the insertion and extraction force, holding force, bonding force and drawing force of the product. The small and medium-sized machine can handle different types of connectors, and the detection data is more accurate.

Electrical performance laboratory: third-order intermodulation instrument, network vector analyzer, insulation withstand voltage measuring instrument, micro-ohmmeter measuring instrument. Third-order intermodulation instrument for anti-jamming performance measurement and analysis of RF connectors and cable assemblies

Environmental performance laboratory: salt spray test machine, constant temperature and humidity environment test machine, aging test chamber, XT76 air tightness tester. It is used to verify the corrosion resistance of the plating layer, and the constant temperature and humidity environment testing machine is used to simulate the product environment for high temperature test, low temperature test, high and low temperature cycle test, constant temperature and humidity test to verify its mechanical and electrical properties. .

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