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How do RF connector manufacturers reduce costs?


There are countless RF connector and RF connector manufacturers on the market. In the process of selecting manufacturers, customers will consider the company's qualifications, quality, delivery, after-sales and other aspects. More customers are concerned about price issues. So how do RF connector manufacturers reduce costs?

The following four points can be used as a reference:

1. Engineers prefer to design expensive connectors, so you can reduce costs by carefully considering the plating requirements and materials of the connectors. At the same time, it simplifies packaging, simplifies production, and reduces failure rates and quality control costs.

2. You can try to use modular connectors in some applications because the modular connectors are backward compatible and forward-extended, reducing sluggish inventory costs.

3. Many companies ignore transportation costs during the quotation process. Some connectors refer to large and expensive transportation costs. They can negotiate freight with customers and reduce the extra expenses of orders.

4. You can purchase materials at one time to reduce costs, and the procurement period is advanced, so you can use less expensive transportation methods to save money, the total cost will be reduced accordingly, and profits will increase.

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