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SMA RF adapter features


As an RF engineer and tester, in the daily work process, in addition to the test instrument, calibration parts, and connecting cables, it is the adapter between various devices. Due to the wide range of SMA connectors, SMA RF adapters are also relatively popular on the market. Xiaotian takes you from different aspects to understand the SMA RF adapter.

The basic structure of the SMA RF adapter mainly includes: a central conductor, an insulator (dielectric material), and an outer conductor (this portion functions as a shield of the outer layer of the coaxial cable). The impedance is divided into 50 ohms and 75 ohms. There are male and female points of contact.

SMA RF adapters are available in three grades: metering (standard for calibration, slotless connection design for maximum performance, minimum tolerance, air media, long life, high cost), instrumentation (output input interface used together and Economical calibration parts, good performance, small tolerances, support for non-conducting media interfaces, long service life), production grade (used on products, low performance, high tolerance, support for non-conducting media interfaces, limited number of connections, low cost) ).

When connecting the SMA RF adapter, we need to pay attention to the detection of the connector is correct, use a suitable torque wrench to fix the connection, so as to ensure that the connection is used under good conditions. Minimize wear between the SMA adapters and extend the life of the adapters.

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