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The difference and application of SMP and SMA connectors


Many purchasers are not very familiar with the difference and application of SMP and SMA connectors. Let me introduce the difference between SMP and SMA connectors in the following days:

SMA is one of the small connectors. It is a screw-in connection. The better SMA can be used from 18G to 24G. The SMA connector has become one of the most commonly used connectors in the field of RF microwave. It is generally made of brass. The surface is plated with gold, but due to the structural design, it is suitable for occasions where the link is not frequent.

The SMP connector is also a small device. It is usually made of brass and - copper. The surface is plated with gold. The SMP connector is a plug-in connection that can be inserted and removed several times or even hundreds of times, which can effectively solve the docking problem.

Let me introduce you to the application of SMP and SMA connectors.

SMA connector has small size, wide frequency band and excellent mechanical performance. It is one of the widely used RF coaxial connectors. It is widely used in computer design, mobile phone antenna, smart home appliances, signal transmission on medical equipment, SMA small antenna. There should be more.

The SMP series RF coaxial connector is also small in size, light in weight, frequency bandwidth, reliable in connection, etc. It is widely used in the connection of RF circuits between boards, and can effectively solve the scenario of multiple connectors on the PCB. Tiankele already has very mature technology to apply it to 5G projects.

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