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What is the electrical performance of the waterproof connector?


The electrical performance of the LED waterproof connector includes contact resistance, insulation resistance, and current and electrical strength. Below are two important electrical properties of the contact resistance and insulation resistance of the LED waterproof connector.

First, the LED waterproof connector contact resistance. Contact resistance is found everywhere in the electrical performance of waterproof connectors. A high-quality, durable LED waterproof connector has a contact resistance application that is low.

And stable enough. The contact resistance range of the waterproof connector fluctuates greatly, ranging from a few milliohms to several tens of milliohms, depending on the actual performance and characteristics of the waterproof connector.

Second, LED waterproof connector insulation resistance: Insulation resistance is also an important indicator of the electrical performance of LED waterproof connectors. Insulation resistance and contact resistance are the two vaults of the electrical performance of waterproof connectors, which together determine the resistance performance of waterproof connectors. Bad. The specific function of the insulation resistance is an important indicator to measure the insulation performance between the various contacts of the waterproof connector and between the contact and the outer casing. The value of the insulation resistance should meet the requirements of the industry. Otherwise, the LED waterproof connector will not be normal or can not be Perfect to use.

There are many other electrical properties of LED waterproof connectors, such as electrical strength or withstand voltage, current, electromagnetic interference leakage attenuation (which usually ranges between 100MHz and 10GHz). If an RF coaxial waterproof connector is used, its electrical performance includes characteristic impedance, insertion loss, reflection coefficient, and voltage standing wave ratio (ie, VSWR).

In recent years, science and technology have continued to develop, and the LED waterproof connector industry has continued to advance. The corresponding digital technology has also matured step by step in people's expectations and witnesses. At the same time, in order to transmit high-speed digital pulse signals for LED waterproof connectors, a series of new waterproof connectors, namely signal waterproof connectors, have appeared in the industry.

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