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Days of the king of the sword of the outdoor training camp


 Dapeng South Australia wind and sunny, beach, sea view, days of the king of the sword of outdoor training camp in this start.

 Just two days of outdoor outreach training soon ended, reviewing the experience and training in the training experience, feel deep. In the training field, we forget the age, forget the identity of the work, forget the living environment, we put aside everything, threw himself into the training.

 In the over grid, every move, every reminder, every time we insist that we encourage each other, mutual trust, in the process again and again to complete the task; in the climb ladder, we exchange experience, mutual Encourage each other to support each other are thrilling, each person's hearts are printed under a strong arm, it is the power of sincere cooperation, it is never give up the courage; in the swamp when the greatest feeling is all People are holding their breath to adhere to in the end, the ears are encouraged and trusted comfort, no complaints did not complain, the main players busy before the busy, the other players actively cooperate with the joy of victory so pure and vivid.

 In the 10 yuan to survive the link, the rule is the initial cost of 10 yuan, the target is in just 4.5 hours to add value to 300 yuan, teamwork. Normal way to think about a place where only the beach, sea view, just half a day to earn 300 yuan is an impossible thing. Task issued down, days of music partners to receive the first time and talk about discussing countermeasures. The process is hard, and some female players pulled their own thin surface to do odd jobs, and some to sell mineral water, some to help others take pictures in exchange for a weak remuneration, and some in the absence of water and food in the case of wading a few hours to find no fruit Back to the team to not reach the target not to give up the attitude to face the challenge to jump out of the inherent thinking to solve the problem. And the days of music partners are not in this direction in the effort?

The days of the king of the sword of the outdoor training camp not only successfully carried out a personal self-challenge, self-breakthrough, which is a beyond the rational understanding of the days of music partners are also deeply felt the "team, trust , Responsibility, understanding, tolerance, dedication, "the meaning of the hidden, cultivate a good team spirit and proactive attitude towards life, and days of music with the growth of communication to create brilliant!

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