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Tianke Spring Tour - Phoenix Mountain Tour


   Shenzhen Tiankele Communication Technology Co., Ltd. organized a tour of Phoenix Mountain in the spring of 2018 for colleagues of the Ministry of Foreign Trade on January 12-13.

   The significance of this event is to completely relax the mind and body of the team, to find dreams, and to charge our team. With a kind of surprise; a way of life; a brand new self, at the same time, it also perfectly embodies the humane management of Tiankele Communication Technology. Not only did the employees achieve a sense of collective engagement through the entire tourism activity, but they also mobilized the whole company's enthusiasm for the work of the entire Luoyang Animation Industry Park in the future.

Fengyan Ancient Temple

It is built on the south side of Feiyunling, with a peak on the back of the cloud, and a pearl river dragon in front of it.

Tiger cubs are indeed a treasure trove.

   Hands together: Amitabha...

   After watching these, it was already noon. We simply ate and we continued to march toward the top of the mountain!

   I heard that the plank road is also called praying steps, and it is really tiring to climb up to 999 steps.

   After a series of efforts to climb, finally boarded the top! (The picture above shows the rock photo)

   This is almost the end of the journey. (The picture above shows the way down the mountain.) In this trip to Phoenix Mountain, all employees of Tianke Le winter not only stimulated the spirit of not suffering from hardships and climbing the heights, but also further improved. The exchange of feelings between employees, employees and companies. At the same time, the distance between leaders and employees has been narrowed. Strengthen the cohesiveness of business personnel. The tourism welfare activities organized by the company not only cultivated the sentiments of employees, but also relaxed the mind and body. Regain a different self. From this activity, we realized that each of us is the owner of the company. The company is my home, and each employee is a family member. In the future, I will use my full spirit to invest more enthusiasm in the work, build our common home, and build tomorrow's glory in the future!    

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