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The microwave radar sensor is based on the Doppler principle to sense whether the object moves in a noncontact manner to achieve the relevant switching operation. During the period after the induction light is turned on, if someone is within the detection range, the switch will continue to be turned on until the person leaves and delays the time, and the power is turned off automatically.

microwave radar sensors

The voiceactivated sensor switch has a similar receiver that accepts external sounds. After amplification, the relay or thyristor is pushed.After a delay circuit is turned off, the circuit is turned off to operate the switch.However, the microwave radar sensor has evolved intoa steerable, energy-saving, and intelligent sensor switch in response to the development of the times.

Microwave radar sensor
infrared sensor
Longer service life and less prone to outside interference.
It is easily interfered by external factors and has a low service life.
The installation is concealed and the luminaire can be controlled directly in the lampshade.
It is exposed to the outside world and is easily eroded and destroyed by the outside world.
High sensitivity, able to penetrate glass and thin wood.
Low sensitivity, unable to penetrate glass and wood.
Not affected by the environment, temperature, sound, dust, etc.
It is susceptible to external environment, dust, sound, and temperature.
Wide range of applications, parking areas, toilets and other monitoring sites.
Only suitable for smaller range spaces.
Strong anti-radio interference capability, weak anti-interference ability
No moving object automatically turns off after the delay time

People are increasingly pursuing high quality and convenient life. Microwave radar sensors are the future life trend. However, Shenzhen Tiankele Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a national hightech industry company with 11 years of research and development team and 10 years of ISO quality system. Control, with more than 30 quality control personnel, with electrical performance, mechanical properties, environmental performance and other three advanced laboratories, the strength of the company to manufacture quality products, your trust, is the recognition of our product quality.

microwave radar sensors

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