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Which RF cable assembly in Shenzhen is of good quality? -[Twllink]


When you choose RF cable components, you will choose among many manufacturers. You will also choose the best quality, fast delivery, low price and good service providers in many manufacturers, but you don’t know how to identify true and false manufacturers on the Internet. A manufacturer sells dog meat to deceive consumers, obviously chooses inferior materials, but says that they choose high-end materials, and they can't produce products for one month without delay.

Tiankele Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is based on the responsibility of not forgetting the original heart and not dismissing the mission. In the RF cable assembly, we have the advantages and characteristics that other manufacturers do not have, and stand out among many manufacturers of RF cable assemblies.

1. The main body is made of brass and beryllium copper. Customers can also choose stainless steel and choose gold plating or silver plating. All products are made of raw materials that meet ROSH requirements, and 90% of suppliers have cooperated for more than 10 years.

2. The production products have the advantages of small volume, high frequency band, superior mechanical performance and high reliability.

3, has more than 10 patents, passed the ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental system certification, rational use of resources, production of green products, prevention of environmental pollution.

4. Get 5 world top 500 companies, 25 top 100 Chinese companies and 160 global customers, maintaining 35% annual growth, and no return in foreign markets for 10 years.

5, 11 years experience R & D team, professional performance simulation software HFSS, 3D software PROE, graphics software CAD design.

Shenzhen Tiankele Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a 11year focus on RF cable assemblies. China's more than 20 listed companies strategic cooperation suppliers, partners of more than 100 customers worldwide, with industry-leading three professional laboratories of machinery, electrical, environmental and integrated industries from machining, assembly testing and electroplating chain. With more than 20 customer service teams, we provide you with quality and professional solutions 24 hours a day.

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