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RF coaxial connector application-[Twllink]


RF coaxial connectors are widely used in daily life. In the aviation that we usually do not pay attention to, or in the mobile phones we use every day, RF coaxial connectors are affecting our lives all the time. In fact, RF coaxial connection The device is a component mounted on the cable or mounted on the instrument. As a transmission signal or a separate component of the electrical connection, it acts as a bridge. Below, we will take you to understand the role of the RF coaxial connector in which fields.

1. Automotive equipment.

2. Civil aviation.

3. Medical equipment.

4. Radio frequency identification.

5. Communication, communication and network

6, security system.

7. Traffic monitoring system.

8. National defense military.

9, microwave components.

10. Consumer electronics.

 Shenzhen Tiankele Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise in China, focusing on the field of RF connection for 11 years. Tiankele has exported to more than 120 countries and has no return for more than 10 years. 11 years of professional production, with a complete product process and technical team. 10 years of ISO quality system management and control, with more than 30 quality control personnel, with three advanced laboratories such as electrical performance, mechanical performance, environmental performance, to provide customers with high reliability products. In the field of RF coaxial connector manufacturing, we have enough confidence to create a product that users are satisfied with. The guarantee of quality is the commitment of Tiankele to customers.

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