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How to choose the RF connector of smart home? [Twllink]


How to choose the RF connector of smart home? Smart home is an emerging industry that has developed with the arrival of the 5G era. It is also the mainstream of the home market in the future. To meet the needs of people's intelligence, it is necessary to transfer large amounts of data at an ultra-fast speed to achieve intelligent effects! This requires a higher RF connector.

So how to choose the RF connector of smart home, mainly depends on the following two points?
A: The size of the household products, the first choice depends on the size of their own products, if the large-scale product is natural enough space, and small household products can only choose micro-connectors, but today's manufacturers are generally well-categorized, So there is no need to worry too much about this;
Second, electrical performance and mechanical performance, this is very important, especially for some multinational companies, to ensure that the voltage does not exceed the highest value, so you need to pay attention to the power standards of each country and also need to pay attention to the impedance, frequency, cable installed. To meet the needs of many aspects, let the manufacturers give detailed solutions to avoid later troubles;

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