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There are many customers who do not have a clear concept of the standard system of RF connectors when purchasing RF connectors. The choice of connectors that do not meet their own requirements also causes losses to their own economy. editor introduces the standard system for RF connectors. So that customers can reduce unnecessary economic losses.

US military standard and other advanced standards: The United States is the world's largest manufacturer and consumer of universal connectors, and its technical level is first-class, so the US military standard MIL-C-39012 is considered to be the highest standard for connectors.

IEC standards: IEC standards are guiding standards, not mandatory standards, and are therefore rarely directly cited.
Other advanced standards: (German DIN, British BS, Japanese JIS) These national standards are mostly formulated with reference to or equivalent to the US military standard. Some countries or companies even directly apply the US military standard, and no longer set standards. It is worth mentioning that Germany also has some advantages in some special new connectors, such as: 7/16 (L29) series of DIN47223, SAA series of DIN47297 and DSA series of DIN41626. These series of products are widely used in the field of communication, and German standards and products have been recognized worldwide, but there is no corresponding standard in the United States.

China's current standards: China's current universal coaxial connector standard is divided into two parts, one is the military standard (GJB681, GJB680, GJB976 and its detailed specifications) and the other part is the civilian product standard, according to IEC169-1 GB11313.

Whether it is the national military standard or the national standard, it is basically formulated according to the advanced foreign standards. The main indicators are not lost. Therefore, we can say that our current standards are in line with international standards, and the indicators and technical levels are in line with the international advanced level.
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