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2.92 mm / SMA connector difference


For the two types of small connectors of 2.92mm/SMA, I believe that there will be unclear points when people are not clear.If the 2.92mm connector and the sma connector are not distinguished at the time of purchase, there will be economic losses to the company or individual.In the following days, you will learn about the two small connectors of 2.92mm/SMA.

Originally, the SMA connector was designed for 0.141" semi-rigid coaxial cable, typically filled with Teflon media, and is used primarily as a precision connector for microwave applications in the military industry. At the time, due to the volume of the SMA connector Small, can be at a higher frequency (matching the frequency range of the semi-hard cable is DC ~ 18GHz; when connecting the soft cable is DC ~ 12.4 GHz). Working under, quickly gained popularity and even developed millimeters later Wave connectors (eg 3.5 mm, 2.92 mm) are also considered to be mechanically compatible.
The 2.92 mm connection is an RF coaxial connector with an outer conductor of 2.92 mm inside diameter, a characteristic impedance of 50 Ω, and a 1 / 4-36 UNS-2 inch thread connection. Its structure is similar to the 3.5mm connector, but it is smaller. The 2.92 mm connector has good electrical performance in the DC to 46 GHz band and is mechanically compatible with the 3.5 mm connector of the SMA connector. It is quickly recognized by the majority of manufacturers and is the most widely used millimeter wave in the world. One of the connectors

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