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The development trend of RF coaxial connectors


What is the development trend of RF coaxial connectors, is there any prospect in this industry? As an RF enthusiast, I am fortunate to give you a brief introduction to the development trend in this article.

Mainly the following trends:
1, miniaturization: RF connectors are getting smaller and smaller, such as SSMB, MMCX and other series, the volume is very small, mainly in accordance with the miniaturization of the whole system and miniaturization.
2, high frequency: the use frequency of soft cable does not exceed 10GHz, the semi-rigid cable does not exceed 20GHz. The United States HP has introduced RF connectors with a frequency of 110GHz as early as a few years ago. The domestic general product use frequency does not exceed 40GHz.
3, multi-function: in addition to the role of connecting bridges, it also has the function of processing signals, such as filtering, phase adjustment, attenuation, detection, mixing, limiting and so on.
As shown in Figure 4, there are many such as low standing wave, low loss, large capacity, high power: large capacity, high power, surface mount and so on.

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