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Micro RF coaxial connector - the direction of future development [Twinlink]


Micro RF coaxial connector - the direction of future development, why do you say that? Everyone knows that a connector is an electromchanical component that connects a conductor (wire) to an appropriate mating component to enable the circuit to be turned on and off. With market orientation, miniaturization is already unstoppable.

The miniature RF coaxial connector enters the market with the miniaturization of the whole system. The miniature RF coaxial connector not only enables the whole machine to realize the characteristics of multi-function, portability, etc., but also can greatly reduce the cost and save energy, especially Aerospace products can also significantly reduce launch costs. Only miniaturization can achieve high-density installation, in order to save more space, just like you can go to work now, you don't need to carry a notebook everywhere, you can do a lot of work with your mobile phone.

Twinlink has a 3rd quality inspection of the miniature RF coaxial connector, with an excellent rate of 99.99%, and has a complete product process and technical team. We are a high-tech enterprise in China with more than 10 patents and passed ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental system certification. If you are interested in any more questions about RF or other microwaves, please feel free to contact us at 13684973846 and we will be happy to help you 24 hours a day!

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