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What is the weakness of RF cable assemblies?


When the RF cable assembly is installed and used by the customer, the RF cable assembly may be weakened, which may affect the transmission. More serious will also cause economic losses, what are the factors related to the attenuation of RF cable assemblies? Xiaotian gives you a detailed introduction to how the weakness is caused.

The usual attenuation is related to the conductor, medium, structural dimensions, process level and operating frequency.

The outer conductor is 60%~80%, which is not obvious for reducing the weakening effect.

The design and processing of the mold for insulation also has a great influence on the weakening, and the equivalent dielectric constant should be required.

At low frequencies, the weakening of physical foaming PE is acceptable. When it exceeds 800MHz, it is out of tolerance, which is related to the dielectric loss tangent and the equivalent dielectric constant, or the outer conductor is too small, and the outer conductor is too small. Small related.

An increase in the insulation structure Tan δ causes an increase in the attenuation of the cable. The Tan δ is small, and the tan δ at 400 MHz is 2 to 4 × 10 -4 . Process performance should be able to adapt to insulation extrusion.

The attenuation constant is too large or too poor below 50MHz, and the high frequency has a margin, which often leads to the aluminum matrix in the aluminum-plastic composite tape being too thin. When the frequency is relatively low, the thickness of the aluminum base is less than or close to the transmission depth of the frequency. , αR is too large, 12~15μm can be solved.

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