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Typical causes of PIM generated by RF connectors


As a frequently purchased company, the purchasing staff may be familiar with the PIM value, but for the customer who is just in contact with the RF connector, it is only known that this is a performance value, but what is the specific role. These basic performance simple customers know more about it, after all, it can provide a certain role for product related applications and equipment maintenance. Xiaotian will first introduce the reasons for generating PIM.

In RF devices (antennas, cables, filters, etc.), the typical causes of PIM generation are as follows:

Poor mechanical joints in the RF channel;

The material of the RF device has hysteresis (such as stainless steel);

Surfaces or contact surfaces in the RF channel are contaminated such as: solder (which will adsorb other contaminants) and metal particles during processing.

In a complete base station, any passive device between the high power amplifier and the receiver filter produces a severe passive intermodulation signal. Metal towers around the tower ("rust screw noise") or the direct wave of the transmitting antenna also produce passive intermodulation signals.

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